Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let Me Introduce Myself!

Hi, All!

Please call me Mama--just like my kids call me. And, you all can call my husband Papa--the inspiration of this blog.

I have two kids. Two girls and a boy. 8, 6 and 3 years old. They are fantastic!

Why do I create this blog?

Oh, so simple. I badly need to help those men out there deal with their wacky marriage and be a good husband! My husband is so-so. He's not a bad one, NO! But, he needs some little changes here and there.

No. He doesn't know that I have this secret blog. He'd be mad about it! So, let's all just be quiet. The fact that he doesn't know it makes me need to keep our real name, pictures and location under wraps. Sorry for the inconvenience. But, you can make some guesses. Use your imagination. However, I can't promise to react to them.

So, what will you find in this blog?

First, of course, you will get all the tips you need to be a good husband. Women can also use those tips, simply show them to your husband ;D

Second, my marriage problems and the solutions--God help me find them so I can help others!

Third, a bit of parenting tips--could be for Dads only or for both parents.

Hope everyone gets all the helps needed to create a beautiful marriage!

Oh, by the way, you can also participate in giving some tips, simply commenting here. I will put anyone offering wonderful tips on the blogroll. It's nice to be linked ;D

1 comment:

Mary Ellen said...

Can't wait to see the tips!
My favorite thing my husband ever said to me EIGHT YEARS AGO was, "You look a little like that model in that catalog... J. Crew?" Oh my! Really??! Aieee! Sadly, I haven't heard anything quite so good lately. Tip to husband: Flatter me senseless!
(This is very shallow, isn't it? Hm. I really meant to say something about dedication to family and friends and the EARTH and GOD and whatever...)