Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nervous Husband to Be

Last week, my cousin called me. Guess what, he is a husband to be. A very nervous husband to be.

He loves her and he knows that she loves him as much. But, he's not sure whether the marriage will work or not.

According to him, he is not an easy going person, neither his future wife. They have been dating for almost three years, and engaged for five months now. They fought a lot.

So, I asked him, "Why did you decide to marry her at the first place?"

He answered, "Because I love her!"

"Then, that would be enough for the two of you. You will make it."

"What makes you so sure about it?"

"You both have been surviving these three years. Why should you worry about the years ahead? Learn from history, Sir!"

So, now, thanks to me, they are going to get married within one month. And, that tense hubby to be seems sure about his marriage.

We'll see!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Look at Her with Love

What is most important in a relationship between husband and wife?


But, how do you show it?

Simply look at her in the eyes, and feel the love you have in your heart. No word needed. Your eyes can tell her all.

You know how fragile it is a relationship. It takes two to tango. Your participation is required.

She is busy at home. Some are lucky enough to have someone to help them with the cleaning. Some others don't.

Well, she might complain once in a while, but...isn't it normal, don't you think? You also complain a bit bout your work, about your boss...

So, don't see her complaints as a request of divorce. She just needs someone to listen to her, to be there for her after such a 'busy' day. Nobody can do it better than you, her husband.

Listen to her, look her in the eyes and show her that she is loved.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Let Her Cry

I'm not a sappy lady. But, hey, I admit that I need to cry once in a while. Previously, my hubby didn't understand it. He complained every time I cried and know what, my cry was getting even longer and louder--oh not that loud, just a little sobbing, I was exaggerated.

So, what is best?

Just let her cry.

Most women feel better after they cry--actually men do, too, but you just don't like to admit it, right?

After they're done with crying, they will be able to talk about things in a more reasonable way. Well, at least I do.

Yeah, just let her cry, for your own good!

Friday, March 14, 2008

She's a Wife and a Mother, Not a SLAVE

Men, you think that after working the whole day outside home, you deserve the luxury of rest. You hate it when your wife can't make your kids stop screaming, you hate it when she hasn't finished her cooking, you hate it when you get home and see that the house is still a mess.

You wonder, "What the hell she's been doing the whole day?"

Oh, since you ask, here are the answers:
  • She has been trying to clean up the whole house, but your toddler kept nagging her since he didn't feel well.
  • She picked up the girls and had to stop by at the headmaster's office because they defended themselves from the boys who kept making fun of them yet the headmaster thought that they had problems with attitude. She spent about an hour there, trying to make things clear.
  • She went to the hypermarket to buy the groceries but hey, the kids were kinda on the blink, so she forgot to buy the most important ingredient for the dinner she would be preparing for you so she had to go back there because--remember yesterday--you wanted her to prepare that special meal!
  • She got home very late. And, the girls' outfits were a mess. She needed to put them in the laundry right away so they won't get ruined and still can be used--which might save you lots of money rather than having to buy the girls new outfits.
So, do you still think she was just lying there and did nothing? Well, you are wrong.

Instead of adding craziness into her day, why don't you cuddle her, give her a soft massage on her back and help her with the cooking. She is your wife, the mother of your kids and not at all your slave.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

About Being a Supportive Husband

Two days ago, I went to the dentist and she recommended that I got my tooth taken out. I was scared. So, at night, before we slept, I asked my husband to accompany me.

Me: Can you please be there for me? I'm scared.

Hubby: Don't be scared. The dentist will only take the tooth out with the pliers. There will be blood, of course. But, you will only feel the pain in 24 hours. Don't worry.


See what he said? Pliers, blood, pain for 24 hours! And, he told me not to worry?!

Men, for you what he said could be comforting. But, not for a scared woman like me. So, what should you say when your dear wife comes to you and ask you to comfort her?

  • Oh honey, it's a piece of cake for the dentist. You will be just fine. --> I know, this might sound like a lie, but she might need you to lie. And mentioning about the cake, something she is so damn familiar with, is a smart thing to do.
  • Oh, you can have lots of ice creams afterwards. What about a date at our favorite ice cream cafe right after that? --> Wow! A date! Oh, she will forget everything about the fact that she will have a tooth taken out.
  • Baby, don't worry. *kiss her* I will surely be with you there. I love you. *kiss her again* --> This is beyond comforting as you can do more than just kissing her again and again.
So, men, be smart. If you don't want (and hate it if) your wife talks about the silly fear of having her tooth taken out, DO NOT TELL HER SCARY STUFF!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let Me Introduce Myself!

Hi, All!

Please call me Mama--just like my kids call me. And, you all can call my husband Papa--the inspiration of this blog.

I have two kids. Two girls and a boy. 8, 6 and 3 years old. They are fantastic!

Why do I create this blog?

Oh, so simple. I badly need to help those men out there deal with their wacky marriage and be a good husband! My husband is so-so. He's not a bad one, NO! But, he needs some little changes here and there.

No. He doesn't know that I have this secret blog. He'd be mad about it! So, let's all just be quiet. The fact that he doesn't know it makes me need to keep our real name, pictures and location under wraps. Sorry for the inconvenience. But, you can make some guesses. Use your imagination. However, I can't promise to react to them.

So, what will you find in this blog?

First, of course, you will get all the tips you need to be a good husband. Women can also use those tips, simply show them to your husband ;D

Second, my marriage problems and the solutions--God help me find them so I can help others!

Third, a bit of parenting tips--could be for Dads only or for both parents.

Hope everyone gets all the helps needed to create a beautiful marriage!

Oh, by the way, you can also participate in giving some tips, simply commenting here. I will put anyone offering wonderful tips on the blogroll. It's nice to be linked ;D

Monday, February 18, 2008


The tips should be available within days ahead!