Thursday, March 20, 2008

Let Her Cry

I'm not a sappy lady. But, hey, I admit that I need to cry once in a while. Previously, my hubby didn't understand it. He complained every time I cried and know what, my cry was getting even longer and louder--oh not that loud, just a little sobbing, I was exaggerated.

So, what is best?

Just let her cry.

Most women feel better after they cry--actually men do, too, but you just don't like to admit it, right?

After they're done with crying, they will be able to talk about things in a more reasonable way. Well, at least I do.

Yeah, just let her cry, for your own good!


Michele said...

He complained? LOL what did he say? My husband is always really sweet to me when I cry, especially when he's the one who made me do it. (which is usually the case!)

Mama with Marriage Tips for Men said...

Oh he hate it whenever I cry. I think it's part of his being guilty about it, too.