Thursday, March 13, 2008

About Being a Supportive Husband

Two days ago, I went to the dentist and she recommended that I got my tooth taken out. I was scared. So, at night, before we slept, I asked my husband to accompany me.

Me: Can you please be there for me? I'm scared.

Hubby: Don't be scared. The dentist will only take the tooth out with the pliers. There will be blood, of course. But, you will only feel the pain in 24 hours. Don't worry.


See what he said? Pliers, blood, pain for 24 hours! And, he told me not to worry?!

Men, for you what he said could be comforting. But, not for a scared woman like me. So, what should you say when your dear wife comes to you and ask you to comfort her?

  • Oh honey, it's a piece of cake for the dentist. You will be just fine. --> I know, this might sound like a lie, but she might need you to lie. And mentioning about the cake, something she is so damn familiar with, is a smart thing to do.
  • Oh, you can have lots of ice creams afterwards. What about a date at our favorite ice cream cafe right after that? --> Wow! A date! Oh, she will forget everything about the fact that she will have a tooth taken out.
  • Baby, don't worry. *kiss her* I will surely be with you there. I love you. *kiss her again* --> This is beyond comforting as you can do more than just kissing her again and again.
So, men, be smart. If you don't want (and hate it if) your wife talks about the silly fear of having her tooth taken out, DO NOT TELL HER SCARY STUFF!


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

This same tip works for good parenting.

Mama with Marriage Tips for Men said... are absolutely right :D

Kate said...

That sounds sooo like my husband.

Mama with Marriage Tips for Men said...

That is why I feel the need to create this blog :D

Boaz said...

Trust, commitment and love..but above all, Jesus in our marriage is a good captain to steer our marriage the right way..Bless you all help my marriage